% tss2_changeauth(1) tpm2-tools | General Commands Manual % % APRIL 2019


tss2_changeauth(1) - This command changes the authorization data of an entity referred to by the path.


tss2_changeauth [OPTIONS]

common fapi references


tss2_changeauth(1) -


These are the available options:

  • -a, --authValue=STRING:

    The new UTF-8 password. Optional parameter. If it is neglected then the user is queried interactively for a password. To set no password, this option should be used with the empty string (""). The maximum password size is determined by the digest size of the chosen name hash algorithm in the cryptographic profile (cf., fapi-profile(5)). For example, choosing SHA256 as hash algorithm, allows passwords of a maximum size of 32 characters.

  • -p, --entityPath=STRING:

    The path identifying the entity to modify.

common tss2 options


Change a password for an entity HS/SRK/myRSACryptKey to M1

tss2_changeauth --entityPath=HS/SRK/myRSACryptKey --authValue=M1

Change a password for an entity HS/SRK/myRSACryptKey and ask the user to enter the password.

tss2_changeauth --entityPath=HS/SRK/myRSACryptKey


0 on success or 1 on failure.