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tss2_quote(1) -


tss2_quote [OPTIONS]

common fapi references


tss2_quote(1) - This command performs an attestation using the TPM. The PCR bank for each provided PCR index and signing scheme are set in the cryptographic profile (cf., fapi-profile(5)).


These are the available options:

  • -x, --pcrList=STRING:

    An array holding the PCR indices to quote against.

  • -Q, --qualifyingData=FILENAME or - (for stdin):

    A nonce provided by the caller to ensure freshness of the signature. Optional parameter.

  • -l, --pcrLog=FILENAME or - (for stdout):

    Returns the PCR log for the chosen PCR. Optional parameter.

    PCR event logs are a list (arbitrary length JSON array) of log entries with the following content.

    - recnum: Unique record number
    - pcr: PCR index
    - digest: The digests
    - type: The type of event. At the moment the only possible value is: "LINUX_IMA" (legacy IMA)
    - eventDigest: Digest of the event; e.g. the digest of the measured file
    - eventName: Name of the event; e.g. the name of the measured file.
  • -f, --force:

    Force overwriting the output file.

  • -p, --keyPath=STRING:

    Identifies the signing key.

  • -q, --quoteInfo=FILENAME or - (for stdout):

    Returns a JSON-encoded structure holding the inputs to the quote operation. This includes the digest value and PCR values.

  • -o, --signature=FILENAME or - (for stdout):

    Returns the signature over the quoted material.

  • -c, --certificate=FILENAME or - (for stdout):

    The certificate associated with keyPath in PEM format. Optional parameter.

common tss2 options


tss2_quote --keyPath=HS/SRK/quotekey --pcrList="10,16" --qualifyingData=qualifyingData.file --signature=signature.file --pcrLog=pcrLog.file --certificate=certificate.file --quoteInfo=quoteInfo.info


0 on success or 1 on failure.