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This site contains the code for the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 tools based on tpm2-tss

Build and Installation instructions:

Instructions for building and installing the tpm2-tools are provided in the file.

Release Procedures

Instructions for how releases are conducted, including our QA practices, please see the file.


Please use the mailing list at for general questions. The Issue Tracker on github should be reserved for actual feature requests or bugs. For security bugs, please see for information on how to submit those.


Reference the tutorials at

TPM 2.0 specifications can be found at Trusted Computing Group.

Specifically, the following sections:

The Library Specification

This specifies the external programatic interface to the TPM:

The Enhanced System API Specification

This is the ESAPI dependency mentioned in This is the enhanced software API to the tpm. The tpm2-tools project relies heavily on this.

The TCTI Specification

This specifies the transmission interfaces or how bytes get from the system api to the tpm.



Instructions for contributing to the project are provided in the file.